Car Battery Care in Hot Weather

July 04, 2016 The Fourth of July is not just a time to celebrate our national independence and enjoy a weekend BBQ with family and friends. No, I’m not referring to watching our home team Astros’ all stars in the mid-summer classic either. Though far less exciting, it is crucial that we take the necessary measures to keep our vehicles performing well. We depend on our vehicles on a daily basis. In addition to the usual stresses of work and daily life, our schedules can seem extra busy with the kids out of school. Oh yeah…and Houston summers are brutally hot. Did you know that the summer heat also affects your automobile? Higher temperatures stress several of your vehicle’s working systems but the most common and easiest to avoid involves your battery.

According to Mark Huffman at Consumer Affairs, “When you think of a dead car battery, you probably think about it being the dead of winter. You try to start your car one frigid morning and nothing happens. It’s true that battery failures can occur in cold weather but that’s not usually what has caused the problem. The drain on the battery’s resources most likely occurred during the summer’s hot weather.”

Basic Do-It-Yourself automobile battery care can be accomplished with just two relatively simple tasks.

1. Visually inspect your battery harness, cables, and terminals. Clean the battery surface, terminals, and posts with a small wire brush and an acid neutralizing product. These inexpensive “foaming” sprays are available at AutoZone, Pep Boys, O’Reilly Auto Parts, or Wal-Mart. Also one can is enough to clean multiple batteries so you can save it for future maintenance or help family and friends. After cleaning, check to make sure all connections are tight and replace any broken parts. This step will ensure your battery receives charge from the alternator and prevents voltage loss when vehicle is parked.

2. Next you need to make sure you battery has the proper water level which can drop due to evaporation especially during the relentless heat of summer. Technically speaking you need enough electrolyte to cover the anode and cathode plates in the cells. But let’s not concern ourselves with the construction of a battery. All you need to do is pry the covers off of your freshly cleaned battery and fill to the bottom of the holes with distilled water. It is imperative that you use distilled water because the soluble minerals in other water will interrupt the function of the battery.

I realize that most of our Brown Family Auto Sales customers are not mechanics. So here are some additional resources (including videos) to help you accomplish these battery care basics. Follow these steps to ensure your vehicle starts when you turn the key and save some money in the long run. Be sure to check our website at for other helpful information. Thank you for reading and please share this information with family, friends, and social media. Enjoy the summer, have a safe 4th of July, and go Astros.


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